Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cambridge MA Prepares for Moving 3 Harvard Houses

Cambridge MA Prepares for Moving 3 Harvard Houses
Beginning on Friday June 22, 2007 at 6:00 PM (until 5:00 AM Monday June 25, 2007) Cambridge, MA closed a 6-block section of Mass Avenue to facilitate Harvard University's move of three houses from one part of their campus two blocks to another part of their campus. This footage shows the effects of the preparations for the move.
On Thursday June 21 at about 11:00 PM an electronic warning sign appeared in Porter Square facing traffic coming from the section that was closed the next day. At about 5:00 PM Friday, one hour before the section of Mass Avenue was closed, three MBTA vehicles blocked one lane of northbound traffic on Mass Avenue at Porter Square.
At about 5:40 PM on Friday two more MBTA trucks blocked another lane of northbound traffic at Mass Avenue and Wendell Street. At 6:00 PM you can see the absence of traffic on Mass Avenue in front of the Epworth Church.
One resident commented to a TV station that it was like the blizzard of 1978 when the streets had no traffic and people could walk freely without fear.

Harvard University's Fountain

On the overpass in front of Harvard University's Science Center there is a spray fountain, which is active during summer months. Children, dogs and adults all play in the fountain. Many people just sit and watch. Here there are no people to be seen. It is a quiet time on campus after commencement and before summer school begins.

Mid Cambridge 2007 Ice Cream Social

Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association 15th Annual Ice Cream Social, June 20, 2007. On Wednesday June 20, 2007 the Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association held its 15th annual Ice Cream Social, promoting obesity in Cambridge. Doane Perry the current President gave a Good Neighbor Award to Penelope Kleespies. The Coordinating Committee posed for a group portrait. A joyous time was had by all including those who became more obese than they were before the party.

Red Sox Hat

Red Sox Hat

Someone abandoned his or her Red Sox Hat along the walk near Littauer Hall on the Harvard Campus. It looked as if it wanted to be taken home.

June 18, 2007 Cambridge MA City Council Revisited.

Here is a brief revisit to the Cambridge MA City Council Meeting on June 18, 2007. The comments of the Councilors were edited for humor. Cambridge's Premier Observer of Politics was on hand scrutinizing what the council did. Guest appearances by Mort Zuckerman and John McLaughlin are fantasy.

MBTA Employee Hurt at Lechmere Station

At about 8:00 PM on Saturday June 23, 2007, an MBTA employee was given emergency care by Cambridge Fire Department EMTs at the Lechmere Green Line Station. He was talen away by private ambulance.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cambridge MA, A World Class City?

Two of the several sidewalk bars and restaurants on Mass Avenue in Cambridge MA. The Mayor said he wants to make Cambridge a World Class City. Huh? Permitting bars to clutter more than half of the sidewalk encourages visitors who want to walk and see the city, how? There seems to be a disconnect between what the Councilors see and what is in this formerly industrial working class city that is now an upper class academic enclave. It is like children who have eyes bigger than their stomaches. They want to make it so, and think that by saying it and wishing it, it will make Cambridge a world class city.

Ted Kaczynski's Freshman Dorm at Harvard University

This building which is now houses Harvard University's Expository Writing program was a dorm when Ted Kaczynski was a student at Harvard. He lived in this building as a freshman when the university used him for medical research experiments.

Sunset on Memorial Drive Cambridge MA June 2007

Approaching the Boston University Bridge westbound on Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA at dusk, June 2007.

Sacramento Street Community Garden, Cambridge MA

Here's a brief tour of the community garden on Sacremento Street in Cambridge, MA in mid June 2007.

Promoting Obesity in Cambridge MA

Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association advertises its Ice Cream Social. This conflicts with the Cambridge city policy of fighting obesity. This neighborhood association exhibits civil disobedience to a policy meant to save taxpayer funds from unnecessary repairs to roads and sidewalks from obese people walking and riding on them.

Cambridge City Council Resolution 32

On June 18, 2007, Cambridge City Councilor Henrietta Davis sponsored Resolution # 32 "Welcoming Mr. Sun Shousan and the delegation from the People's Republic of China's General Administration of Press and Publication to Cambridge." Five members of the public spoke against this resolution reporting to the City Council some serious abuses of human rights killing prisoners, selling their organs to medical professionals in the US, placing persons into psychiatric hospitals for their expression in China. One of the speaker's mother is being held at present.
After Councilor Craig Kelley expressed concerns about this resolution, Davis withdrew it. She said she was unaware of any "controversy." China's human rights abuses are known to persons who read newspapers. It is curious that a city official who admires the biotech industry is clueless about such prominent human rights abuses.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Harvard University Infill

Harvard University Fills In the Open Space on their Campus
This footage of the Oxford Street area of Harvard's Cambridge campus shows how they are creating a big city look with buildings built close to one another.
The Cambridge City Council introduced a policy order in June 2007 to study infill in the city. I do not know if they will include Harvard Property in their study.i Usually the City Council permits the goliath to do what they want to do including but not limited to ignoring inconvenient laws.

Harvard University Moves Three Houses

Harvard University Moves Three Houses

Beginning at 6:00 PM on Friday June 22, 2007 until Monday June 25, 2007 Mass Avenue will be closed in both directions from Waterhouse Street to Wendell Street. Harvard University is moving three houses at one time from one part of the campus to another. The old Holiday Inn used as a dorm for Harvard Law school can be seen here half destroyed.

Hellenic Festival Cambridge MA June 15-17, 2007, Greek Orthodox Church

Hellenic Festival June 15-17, 2007 Cambridge MA Greek Orthodox Church

Each year the Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church on Magazine Street in Cambridge, MA has a festival with food, music, gifts and dancing. This year I was able to capture on video tape some of the future John Travolta's at this festival.

Charles River White Geese June 16, 2007

Charles River White Geese June 16, 2007

As the sun set over Cambridge MA The geese still run around their nesting area while they can. I noticed one man and a woman go into the goose meadow and disappear in the trees while I was there. I do not know what they were doing there.
On Monday June 18, 2007 Cambridge City Councilor Craig Kelley introduced a policy order # 15 "That the City manger work with the owners of the Grand Junction Railroad to provide an appropriate level of policing for the Railroad Tracks and report back to the City Council on this matter."
That location was the site of several geese being murdered. A woman was raped and murdered there.

Cambridge MA Arrest June 15, 2007

Cambridge MA Arrest June 15, 2007

On Friday June 15, 2007 at about 8:45 PM near 84 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA, the MIT Stratton Student Center, undercover Cambridge police stopped a car driving toward the Mass Avenue Bridge and pulled the driver out of the vehicle. They hand-cuffed the black male driver who was wearing a black suit.
After the few seconds of video you see here one uniformed officer shined a flashlight into my lens and told me to stop taping. I said it was a public event. He said "No it'snot. It's an arrest."
I said "That is a public event." At that point another officer with his badge showing came up to me and asked me to stop taping.
He said "We have some undercover officers. We're trying to be safe." I left the area.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keeping the Peace in Cambridge MA

Cambridge police officers keep Central Square calm on Friday June 15, 2007.

Cambridge MA delivery truck idles for 1 hour

Contrary to the idling ordinance in Cambridge, MA, drivers usually are unaware of it and keep their vehicles running. Harvard takes advantage of the lax enforcement by permitting deliveries after legal hours contrary to the noise ordinance. Delivery truck drivers park for the Fogg Museum in a No Stopping Zone creating traffic hazards and creating more noise from drivers honking their car horns.
On Friday June 15, 2007 one truck was parked in violation of three ordinances for more than one hour with his engine running the whole time. I arrived at about 9:55 PM. The truck was parked there until 11:08 PM when it backed into the driveway to deliver his goods. Deliveries are permited from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM in Cambridge.
My call to the Cambridge police dispatchers brought no patrol car. It may have been busy with higher priority calls.

WBCN comes to Cambridge MA

Boston Radio station WBCN set up in Cambridge on Friday June 15, 2007 for a promotion with the 7-11 store at Portland Street and Main Street. They had a contest wheel for gifts including T-shirts and coupons for food at the store.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Idaho State Legislature and Governmentonium

The Idaho State Legislature discovered a new element, called Governmentonium.

June 11, 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge MA City Council

Speaking as the Chairman of the Mid Cambridge Commission to end the ditatorship of persons with disabilities concerned citizen Roy Bercaw urges Council to take property owned by Harvard University in Cambridge by eminent domain. He says the City could give that property to the Biotech companies in order to increase the property tax revenue. He suggests calming people instead of traffic by using anti depressants to make drivers happy. He reveals that the Director of the Police Review and Advisory Board refuses to make public when the Board meets and who the members are.

Cambridge MA Library Construction June 2007

These signs announce the construction of the new Cambridge Public Library on Broadway. One sign maker erred printing a common word. The current construction progress can be seen here.

Cambridge Flower Cat

This confused Cambridge cat thinks he is a flower and sits in the flower box for better viewing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 4, 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge City Council

Roy Bercaw speaking as the Executive Director of the Cambridge Harassment Board, thanks Senator Jarrett Barrios for his services and for proving that it is possible to fool some of the people all of the time.

Nancy Ryan Speaks to Cambridge City Council

Nancy Ryan, Former Executive Director of the Cambridge Women's Commission Speaks to the Cambridge City Council regarding the decision by the Cambridge Health Alliance to end Ob-Gyn services at the Windsor Street Neighborhood Clinic. She laments the need for women to take a taxi to the alternate clinics. She opposes the needs of men to the needs of women. She says men are being given better care than women.