Thursday, November 29, 2007


From the online and TV gossip show, TMZ, these clips show Melanie Griffith, Julia Roberts and Britney Spears parked in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


14 Seconds into a traffic stop a Utah police officer knocked down a man shooting him with a TASER. He refused to sign a summons (required in Utah) for speeding because the officer refused to say how fast he was allegedly going. The man was walking away from the officer with his back turned.
Under the arguments that TASER corporation and proponents of TASER use, if the officer did not have a TASER he would have used his deadly force to shoot the man with his pistol.
Utah police issued a summons to a 70 year-old woman who did not keep her lawn pretty and green. In Utah recipients must sign a summons when issued. She refused and the police arrested her.
This footage is from FOX25 News, commentary by V.B. Channel 25 Boston, MA.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


FOX-TV's America's Most Wanted did a new feature on the FBI's 2nd Most Wanted fugitive. James Bulger former head of the Eastern Massachusetts Organized Crime family where he infiltrated the Boston office of the FBI is featured on this clip.


Just like organized crime families and college fraternities which have their initiation ceremonies, youth gangs too require some emotional commitment to joining their organization. One difference is that crime families and fraternities did not video tape the proceedings.The FBI was able to make audio tapes in some cases. This was broadcast on Maximum Exposure a CBS-TV reality show.


Some jobs have risks and some have benefits. Others have both. In these clips you can see some of the benefits to being a police officer in Las Vegas. Does Mayor Oscar Goodman have fringe benefits as well? The complete traffic stop was broadcast on the FOX-TV Show COPS.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Speaking as the Chairman of the Mid Cambridge Emergency Committee to place a Wind Turbine in the City Council Chambers in order to capture the hot wind energy generated by the City Council each week, Roy Bercaw discusses the Final Report of the Neighborhood CrimeTask Force dated November 19, 2007. He asks if the aphorism "You get what you pay for," applies to this report of 50 volunteers which cost the city no money. He notes they describe themselves as "well intentioned." Bercaw notes that George Bernard Shaw said, "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

October 22, 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge City Council

Speaking as "The Assistant Ombudsman of the Mid Cambridge Media Criticism League to Give The Journalism Committee of the Cambridge City Council Extraordinary Powers Over the Press. Repeal the First Amendment," Roy Bercaw decries the Affirmative Action Report of Fowler Finn, Superintendent of Schools for excluding persons with disabilities. Bercaw suggests a review board for the Police Review Board which has become a part of the Police department. He notes that Cambridge is a World Class City where visitors leave food for the rodents so that the city does not need to use any bait. He also suggests a No Fly Zone over Cambridge to ensure no noise from planes disrupting the quiet enjoyment of residents.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Harvard University Noise Violations 2

Harvard University contractors continue to violate Cambridge, MA city noise ordinances. They pick up and deliver goods to the Fogg Museum late at night contrary to city laws. The City Manager and the police dispatchers refuse to enforce these laws when the perpetrator is Harvard. City officials worship Harvard's $35 billion endowment and believe the University and their contractors are entitled to disregard inconvenient laws, which are meant only for poor vulnerable defenseless citizens. The few citizens who pay attention to what the city government does are aware that the City Manager usurps policy making powers contrary to state enabling laws. The reason is that the City Councilors have no spines. I offerred to purchase spines for them and they refused my offer. Howie Carr, Boston Herald columnist and WRKO radio talk show host describes Boston City Councilors as "Sheep in sheep's clothing." It may well apply to the Cambridge City Council.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 5 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to City Council

Speaking as the Chief Political Consultant Mogul of the Mid Cambridge Emergency Committee to Re-elect only Incumbents. "Keep Troublemakers Off the Council. Trust Known Deceivers," Roy Bercaw asks why City Boards and Commissions should only be scrutinized regarding race, class and gender (Policy Order # 1)? He states that persons with disabilities are once again excluded from a city program as they are every week contrary to the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution. He adds that Policy Order # 7 was presented to the Council two years ago. The Ordinance Committee sent it back to the proponents due to excluding persons with non physical disabilities. This proposed ordinance change was submitted by the Human Rights Commission and the Handicapped Commission which are supposed to address discrimination. But they discriminate contrary to law as is typical of most alleged civil rights organizations in in Massachusetts.

October 29 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge, MA City Council

Speaking as the Mid Cambridge Chapter of the Emergency Committee to Protect White Males from Abuses of Power by Black Racist Harvard University Police and from Racist Harvard Lawyers Pretending to be Civil Rights Attorneys, Bercaw asserts "I am not from Burma. I'm an American citizen." He asks, "Does the Council still wonder why there so much violence?" He asks why there is so much concern (Policy Order # 12) about a temporary occupancy permit. He suggests that the Council learn how to speak the Newspeak language where words mean whatever and often the opposite. In support of Committee Report # 1, Bercaw suggests that lawyers be provided to patients of the OB-GYN clinic on Windsor Street in case of negligence. He also urges that patients be provided foot massages as they travel to the clinic in their taxpayer funded taxis. He wonders why after all these years the Council needs a workshop on Parliamentary Procedure (Policy Order # 4). He says learning the rules will just cause the councilors to be be upset when they violate the rules and other laws. Regarding policy Orders # 5 and # 22, Bercaw suggests banning pedestrians and removing sidewalks to make room for bicycles and parking.

October 15, 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to Cambridge MA City Council

Speaking as the Mid Cambridge Deputy Inspector General for the US Department of Levitation ("We bring up issues that others ignore"), Roy Bercaw asks if this is the special Open Mic night at the Cantab, which is what the Mayor says he thinks some citizens think it is. Bercaw congratulates (Resolution 27) MA state Senator Elect Anthony Galluccio. Bercaw asks (City Manager Item 13) why former Sen. Barrios who has $500,000 in campaign funds remaining after he resigned in the middle of his term does not compensate the City for the extra expense of $50,714 caused by his abrupt departure to take a position as a lobbyist for the human services industry. Regarding Policy Order # 31 Bercaw raises the issue of how the Council expects to create (Policy Order # 31) a "cohesive" community of people "working together" after 20 years of policies which drive people apart. He explains that the Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Association prevents its members from communicating with each other unless the President and the Coordinating Committee approve.


Cambridge City Noise Ordinance prohibits deliveries after 9:00 PM. Harvard University ignores the city laws and accepts deliveries at all hours long after 9:00 PM. In this brief video clip, you can see trucks at the rear of the Fogg Museum picking up goods and furniture from events at the Fogg on Thursday November 7, 2007 at about 10:30 PM and on Sunday November 11, 2007 at 12:30 AM. The same loading dock is used beginning at 7:00 AM for trash pickups. The trucks warning beepers and banging as they load their goods makes very loud noises after hours. This is a regular occurrence every week.
My repeated complaints to the City officials and to the police dispatchers brought no relief. Often the dispatchers refer the calls to Harvard University police who do not have jurisdiction over City ordinances. It may be intentional by the dispatchers who know that Harvard police cannot do anything. This prevents any enforcement of the noise ordinance. In effect the dispatchers are negating city policy.
But that does not explain why the City Manager does not act to assert his power of enforcement. He is the chief law enforcement officer in the city under state statute. He decides what laws and ordinances he wants the police to enforce and which ones he wants ignored. The City Council makes policy. They permit the Manager to usurp their power by not asserting their authority over the Manager. Thus they make themselves appear to be meaningless officials and spineless by allowing this widespread lack of enforcement of their ordinances. And they wonder why so few people vote.