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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sarah Palin: ‘Annoy A Liberal. Vote Newt’

"You gotta rage against the machine, at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation, we need somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform and isn’t afraid to shake it up. Shake up that establishment.

So, if for no other reason to rage against the machine vote for Newt, annoy a liberal. Vote Newt. Keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Machine That Lays Its Own Track

NEW High Speed RAILROAD TRACKS The hundreds of laborers who laid the first cross country tracks would be surprised.

Ever see a yellow gandy dancer? This is how it now works and what is happening from Chicago to St. Louis for the high speed rail. They are now working around Springfield. This is amazing to watch. They won't let you close enough to watch. This is even better and warmer. They just did this operation through Sherman for the high speed rail.

People were stopping along the highway taking pictures.

For those who live in the Springfield area and have seen all the machines running up and down the tracks, here is a link to a video of how the concrete ties and rail are set in place. The road bed was raised 13 inches to accommodate for the new high speed rail line between St. Louis , MO. and Chicago, IL. There are only two of these track laying machines in the world, one here the other in Europe.

This is a similar but less complex machine that digs up old city streets and lays new asphalt on city streets.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suspect Shot Dead By Police Outside Fast Food Spot

Original VIDEO as seen on CBS KCAL ABC FOX and Univision34

To my account [witness at scene] this is what i witnessed, this is only my view of what i saw while i was on the scene and NOTHING more.

After people were running out side of the Carls Jr. a man holding what looked like to be a metal pipe bender was walking very slowly and calmly toward the side of Carls Jr. very nonchalantly smashing in the windows with his weapon, he then walked into the fast food restaurant. while the suspect was inside the police arrived and set up to the right of the enterance. the police told the suspect, some command i was unable to hear, the suspect then walked out side and well the rest can be seen from the video, at the time it was believed that he was shot with rubber pellets and sadly that wasn't case. The suspect seemed to be shot 5 times while facing the officer and then shot at 5 times again while his back was turned to the officer, allegedly of course

Danica Patrick Truth

Danica Patrick

Friday, January 20, 2012

Military Wives Choir

Vote for the Military Wives to win British Single at the Brit Awards. Vote now

The official video for Paul Mealor's Wherever You Are by Military Wives with Gareth Malone.

Help the Military Wives raise money for two wonderful charities who work tirelessly to support the armed forces and their families. Buy the single and make this Christmas No 1 to make a difference to these wonderful people both at home and abroad.

'Wherever You Are' is a moving love song written by Royal Wedding composer Paul Mealor for the choir to sing at The Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance. The music is set to a poem compiled from letters to and from the servicemen and their wives on a 6-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. It is the raw emotion of the song that has touched so many of the British public.

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Find out more about the wonderful charities we are supporting:
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Video directed by Razor Edge:

"contains footage licensed courtesy of Twenty Twenty Productions Limited and ITN Source"

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