Sunday, April 22, 2007

Editor Explains April 21, 2007

In this voice mail message the editor of the local weekly explains why he was screaming at me on the telephone. He learned that I was telling others about his insults and his inability to understand the hateful comments he published by a serial Imus-like blogger with a history of ridiculing persons with disabilities. He asked me to explain for him why he was screaming at me and why he insulted me. He seems to want to use this issue to promote his newspaper to get more advertisements. He is clueless about the plight of persons with disabilities and is focused like the Enron crowd on making more money exploiting anyone who gets in his way. Even CBS and NBC not altruistic corporate entities, addressed the issue of Imus' hateful comments. This editor shows no awareness of his lack of compassion for vulnerable persons.
It's all about money for him.

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