Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dec 10 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to City Council

Speaking as the Chief of the Mid Cambridge Emergency Committee for a Home Rule Petition to legalize recreational drug sales by City employees within the city limits using energy efficient vehicles, Roy Bercaw suggests for Policy Order # 6 that the City Manager capture the hot wind energy generated by the City Council each week and use it to clear the sidewalks of ice and snow. For City Manager report # 4 Bercaw warns that invasion of the Giant Rats is coming to Cambridge. He reminds the City Council that New York City Dept of Parks is using rakes, not leaf blowers to clean Central Park. Regarding the City Wide Neighborhood Crime Task Force Final Report he again notes that persons with disabilities were excluded from participating in the study, and objects that the Task Force states that disability is a cause of crime contrary to reason.

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