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After five months of my efforts to fix my computer myself, an astute expert at The Apple Store in  Boston, suggested that some of the problems may be from a bad keyboard. When I tried that it did clear up some of the problems. But two questions remain. Why did the repair shop put on two applications which cannot be run on my computer? That is all that I noticed so far. I also noticed some differences between the operating system that I was using with what they replaced it with, telling me it was the same system.

[It should be noted that one recent threat was "We have to shut you down." Add that to previous threats from police to "slow him down," it appears that they are still throwing barriers in my way to waste my time. According to this aphorism from Albert Camus, "Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." it is obviously clear that I am not free and have not been since 1973. No starting over for me in this country. It is all about dragging me down and keeping me there.]

[Below was written before I was able to regain substantial use of my computer.]
Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to present comprehensive news and commentary on this blog until my computer is repaired or replaced. In January 2012 there were two illegal entries to my residence. I notified the landlord, The President and Fellows of Harvard College with no response. Shortly thereafter my computer became dysfunctional. It still worked but with some serious flaws. I tried for five months to determine the source and to try to repair it myself. I also sought assistance from online discussions and a from the retailer (Apple) and a local computer store. People consistently gave me misleading information regarding what was wrong. I was perplexed and wondered if I'd find someone to give me reliable information. I tried an authorized Apple dealer and was pleasantly surprised that they sounded as if they knew what they were doing. I was unable to determine if what they told me was accurate. They said they did a thorough hardware test, then told me that it is only 95 percent accurate. Before determining the cause the solution was to sell me a new hard drive. When I refused that they suggested erasing what was on the old hard drive, which is what they did before determining that the hardware was OK. It doesn't make sense to me. 

After one repair the computer went back to the dysfunctional state it was in before. I'm waiting for them to return from vacation. The problems include a shaking login window when the computer was booted up, before entering any User ID or Password. Slower than slow scripts which made the computer almost unusable. After each keystroke the beach ball would spin for 30 seconds. Sometimes three 30-second spins per keystroke. When composing text the space bar would loose control; and the carriage return would take the text down and down. It would take more time to eliminate the unnecessary spaces. The option login capability was not working. I was unable to send crash reports to Apple or to view videos online.
24/7 surveillance, harassment, provocations, threats, and character assassination continue. Five crime families and their associates in government and corporations take turns conducting above-said programs. Prominent at present is the Kennedy cult which adopted me in 1968 when I was a student leader at Columbia University in New York. Beginning in 1973 they used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay me one dime, promoting the profile that I was a black Jew homosexual from New York. Whenever necessary they say they gave me the money and that I spent it. It is one of several elements of propaganda and character assassination to discredit me, to cover up their abuses, and to keep me isolated. 

Sometime in or about 1988 they abandoned me promoting a new profile saying I was a homeless, mentally ill, high school dropout. Beginning in 1979 they were joined by the California syndicate conducting a slander campaign that I was a white racist. For the next 22 years so far the FBI coordinated the schedule for the crime families leading the daily harassment etc. 

Like their criminal and police associates the FBI says I am mentally ill to cover up many years of abuses. Adding insult to injury they ridicule and humiliate me while saying I am mentally ill. These are liberal elitist upper class Democrats in Boston and Cambridge; at Harvard University and other academic and government institutions. 

One crime family declared the past does not exist, that I am starting a new life. Erasing the past is another way to cover up 44 years of police and government criminal abuses of a man that they say is disabled. They did this several times over the past 25 years. Each time the few friends and supporters say good bye while the criminals who harass me are left free to continue their abuses. It's a new life after deleting my accomplishments and good deeds, while repeating over and over again all the allegations of wrongdoing. That is why the starting over has never worked. These criminals are clever. The good is left behind. The evil and lies come along to the "new" life. This is actually the old life without any support, only those who conduct the harassment. Police, the FBI and crime families tamper with and sabotage my computer, my snail mail, my telephone communications and even my bank accounts. 

Daily sleep deprivation takes its toll. Every day one of these criminals disturbs my sleep waking me up after one or two hours every day. They know that lack of sleep brings poor memory, judgment, learning and rational thought. It makes it likely that heart disease and kidney disease will develop. Long term planning is eliminated. It keeps me from achieving much which is why I founded this blog. But even that is now under attack. Perhaps in July I'll be back up and running again. Till then I'll only be able to post a limited reduced amount of entries.

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