Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Woman Suffers Heart Attack After Police Use TASER

I attended the presentation by TASER Corporation in Cambridge MA. The City decided against arming city officers with these devices. The corporation stated that it was an alternative to deadly force. But that is not how the TASER is used. It is used when a suspect runs from the police, who are not permitted to shoot at fleeing suspects. It is used when a suspect ignores an officer's orders, not the level allowing deadly force. It is used when the officer does not like what the suspect says or does. And more situations. They may be permitted by the police departments' policies, but that is not the argument used when the police make the decision to allow the use of TASERs by their officers. It becomes an easy way to subdue a suspect whether or not deadly force would otherwise be allowed. TASER makes specious arguments to persuade cities to purchase the weapons. Bernie Kerik was New York City Police Commissioner. He made $6 million in stock options and was on the board of directors of TASER Corporation. This is one more example of officials spending taxpayer money for their own personal benefit. TASER Corporation may have a weapon that is useful when used appropriately, but the widespread use of the weapons on civilians will continue to harm people in an unlawful manner.


Woman suffers heart attack after police taser
November 20, 2012 6:39 AM
BCS News Los Angeles CA
The debate over the impact of tasers -- the electronic control devices
used by police -- has been raised following the release of video
footage of a Calif. woman who suffered a heart attack after being
tased by police. CBS-2 Los Angeles correspondent Randy Paige reports.

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