Monday, May 12, 2014

DC Pundit Redefines Criminal Liability and Victim's Rights

On the Friday May 9, 2014 edition of the McLaughlin Group, Eleanor Clift, Obama Administration media flack opined a new standard for criminal liability in homicide investigations. She also restated a new, actually old paradigm for victim's rights. 

At about 8:40 into this clip of the show Clift interrupts stating that Chris Stevens the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was not murdered. She said he died of asphyxiation in a safe room. Huh? So why was he there? Because terrorists were attacking the compound? Under criminal statutes if a persons dies as a result of a criminal act the person who committed the crime is guilty of homicide. It may be second degree, or first degree. But it is still murder. The terrorist attackers were not just trying to destroy the buildings. They were after the people in the buildings as well. Stevens was just one of them. 

But she also stated at about 4:55 into the clip, that Stevens was reckless and not concerned for his own safety. She said it was not a consulate in Benghazi, but a CIA safe house. Similarly in the case of a rape victim why was she wearing such provocative clothing? Was she asking for it? Was Stevens looking to get himself killed? That is what Clift's ridiculous comments suggest. I can just see her saying that on a campus these days.

Clift repeated the nonsensical fantasy promoted by the White House that a lame video made about Islam was the inspiration for the attack on the consulate in Banghazi, Libya. Here is a link to a trailer for that video. You make up your own mind if this video could incite anyone to carry a mobile grenade launcher to a U.S. building in Libya and shoot at it.

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