Sunday, August 26, 2007

Harvard University Helps the Homeless?

Harvard University has an endowment worth $34.9 billion. They earned 23 percent on their investments last year. They earn more than $20 million per day in interest.

Harvard endowment has 7-year best, hits $34.9b
By Steven Syre,
Boston Globe Staff
August 22, 2007

Harvard University's endowment grew to $34.9 billion thanks to investment
returns of 23 percent in the fiscal year ended June 30, its best performance in
seven years, the university said yesterday.
Its emerging markets portfolio, the best single performer, surged 44 percent.
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Harvard's real estate division is building an empire in the Boston Cambridge area. How is this different from Saddam Hussein? Instead of his picture on the buildings they put their motto, "VE-RI-TAS."
Less than one block from the main Harvard campus a group of people with no homes sleep in storefronts in Harvard Square Cambridge MA.
Questions include what is being taught at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government? What is being taught at this prestigious University?

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