Monday, September 3, 2007

Cambridge MA Role Models 3

Cambridge fights global warming? Cambridge MA is the incubator for limousine liberals, who promote global warming as the highest priority of government and American civilians. Cambridge is the host city to Harvard University and to MIT. In this brief video clip on September 2, 2007 (temperature was about 72 degrees F) the front of Cambridge Hospital's new building is shown with floor to ceiling glass walls. Cambridge taxpayers give $6 million this year to the Hospital for operating costs. There are no curtains and no shades for these window walls. In the heat of summer when the hospital's air conditioning cools the inside, heat enters from the outside through these windows. In the cold of winter the heated hospital provides heat to the outside through these same windows. The energy used to heat and to cool the hospital is wasted due to negligence of the planners and administrators who fail to use basic materials to save energy.
The total construction costs for the latest expansion in the 1990s was $41.3 million. The architect was Payette Associates Inc., 285 Summer Street, Boston, MA. The interior designer was Warner + Associates, Inc., 192 South Street, Boston, MA.
The administration of Cambridge Health Alliance which owns the Cambridge Hospital includes many former public officials and Cambridge City officials. They are almost uniformly liberal Democrats. Cambridge Hospital is a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. Are they teaching civilians how to waste energy and how to be hypocrites in the name of healing people?

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