Friday, November 6, 2009

Journalists Promote Opinion as Science

This is an "unbiased" 10-minute interview with the mother-in-law of Jason Rodriguez, suspect in November 6, 2009 engineering company shooting in Orlando. She tells Fox News that her former son-in-law "is crazy," a psychiatric diagnosis broadcast on national TV. She refused to appear on camera and to give her name to protect her privacy. But she revealed her former son-in-law's alleged medical records with no concern for his privacy. Moreover she serves as an unnamed source of the information which Fox News broadcasts nationally. Fox is not unique. Most journalists use psychiatric diagnoses made by lovers, friends, relatives, neighbors and police to broadcast any and all allegations of mental illness of any suspect for any crime. This is evidence that psychiatry is all personal opinion. But psychiatrists masquerade their opinions as science promoting drug company products to increase their client base. This would be amusing if psychiatrists and police did not destroy so many lives and cause so much violence with their legally prescribed toxic chemicals. Here's one more gift from the drug industry.

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In this AP story the mother-in-law is identified as America Holloway, mother of Neshby.

Nov 6, 2009 10:19 PM EST
Suspect in Orlando office shooting had money woes
Associated Press Writers
Tampa Bay Online

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