Monday, December 20, 2010

Cambridge Public Library, $91 million and Flawed

The new Cambridge MA Public Library which ballooned from $31 million to the final cost of $91 million already shows flaws. At one meeting during public design discussions I said it looks like this building was designed by architects for architects. That may be an accurate observation if I say so myself. These images show repairmen working to fix a faulty front door on December 17, 2010 14 months after the grand opening on October 29, 2009. Is there any connection between this fault and the closed Central Square branch? Is this vandalism by disgruntled employees who don't want to work at the main library? Or is it angry main branch employees rebelling at having to work with Central Square employees? The Teamsters Union, the City Manager's office and the Library Director had no comment.

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Anonymous said...

And it has less shelf space than its predecessor.