Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sharpton Wants FCC to Regulate Rush’s ‘Racist Talk’

Al Sharpton, race baiter par excellance, wants to dictate what is acceptable speech on radio. Notice that he promotes a violation of United States law. That should be prohibited everywhere. But Sharpton demands special consideration because he is superior to white people. His hate speech and racist speech should protected. Sharpton should just say it at home and stop offending me on the radio and TV. He wants to prohibit racist, sexist and homophobic speech, but does not define what that is. It may be whatever Sharpton wants it to be in order to silence speech that he and his FBI criminal handlers do not like.

"We aren't telling Rush don't say what he wants to say, say it at home."

Rev. Al Sharpton announces his plan to intimidate radio stations across the country by threatening their FCC licenses if the have Rush Limbaugh on their schedule. Rev. Sharpton explains that his plan to regulate Limbaugh's speech should be successful since he was successful in keeping Mr. Limbaugh from becoming a silent owner in an NFL team.

All free speech advocates who sat silently when the false accusations of racism were hurled at Mr. Limbaugh at the time of the NFL ownership controversy should take note of how Mr. Sharpton feels empowered. It is the classic slippery-slope scenario, but since the target was Rush, the free speech fighters on the left are letting it happen.

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