Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Parking

Three construction projects in Cambridge MA took their toll on trees and parking spaces in one neighborhood. First is the Harvard upgrading of the Fogg Museum on Broadway, Quincy Street and Prescott Street. This project took down at least seven trees (I can't remember all the trees that are missing). It eliminated 21 parking spaces on Prescott Street for at least the 24-36 months the project is taking. The second project is the upgrading of the Cambridge (High School) Rindge and Latin School, on Broadway, Cambridge Street, and Felton Street. This project blocks 28 to 31 spaces on those streets and at least three large growth trees. Again I can't remember all the trees before the project began. The third project is a now completed Harvard Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) on Cambridge Street and Prescott Street. That project permanently removed 26 parking spaces, which Harvard promised to replace with alternative spaces. It is not known if they did and where they are. Some trees were cut down for this project too. A fourth project also within a four block radius is the new $91 million public library on Broadway near Trowbridge Street. The above ground parking spaces for the library were destroyed. An underground garage now exists. It is not known if there are more or less library spaces now. About 75 parking spaces are unavailable for now.

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