Monday, April 4, 2011

Tight Squeeze for Harvard Tenants

These images were captured on Monday April 4, 2011 at about noon. The Harvard contractor vehicles at the rear of 85 Prescott Street, Cambridge MA are in a posted No Parking Fire Zone. That is just an inconvenient situation. For Harvard parking rules no less city ordinances and state laws are inconvenient and can be ignored because, "We are Harvard." OK so seldom is there a fire during which the vehicles would inhibit fire emergency vehicles from getting close to the buildings. But what about tenants who want to get to the trash barrels to get rid of trash? The space between these vehicles is less than a foot at some places. Yes, parking is at a premium in this area. But Harvard deleted 26 parking spaces from the neighborhood, and promised to replace them somewhere. But there is no mechanism to follow-up to ensure that Harvard keeps its promises. The solution is, there is no solution. Park wherever you can.

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