Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cranes and Shovels, A Concert

[Comments by public officials and public figures are not exact quotes but represent the spirit of what they might say.]

After intense extensive and sometimes rancorous negotiations between Harvard University's Office of Government and Community Affairs and the Cambridge City Council Harvard "is delighted" (their words) to give back to the community by providing daily concerts six days per week. They will all be free and open to the public. Members of the community can see and hear the concerts along Prescott Street near Broadway, along Broadway from Prescott Street to Quincy Street and along Quincy Street. Fortunate tenants of Harvard Real Estate can see and hear them from their own apartments. Each day six days per week into 2013 Harvard will contribute to the quality of life of the area. [The concert herein was performed on Tuesday September 13, 2011 at about 2:30 PM.] Councilor Ken Reeves a Harvard alum said, "It shows the diversity and concern of Harvard to make Cambridge a better place. Senior citizens can enjoy quality cultural activities in the neighborhood." He added, "Who needs gambling casinos, when you have world class sidewalk cafes?" Councilor Henrietta Davis expressed glee saying "Harvard makes the environment cleaner and a more harmonic place to live. This will be referred to the Ordinance Committee for further study." Councilor Leland Cheung said, "I'm happy to help Harvard bring meaningful ways of love for the community." Councilor Denise Simmons asked, "When will Harvard provide concerts in Area 4?" She added, "If you are not on the right train, you can't be sure where you will be tomorrow." Mayor David Maher wondered "Will there be emotional counselors available for those who are sensitive to intense concerts." Councilor Craig Kelley asked "Will the police details be distributed equally to all officers without regard to seniority?" Councilor Margery Decker asked "Will undocumented workers be allowed to attend these free concerts without showing picture IDs? Are all musicians in the Cambridge Musicians Union?" she asked. Councilor Toomey raised a point of information saying "If you listen carefully these concerts are not necessarily an improvement." Councilor Seidel suspended the rules and stated, "Harvard is to be congratulated on its openness and transparency which inspires the community to participate in more events of this kind. I agree with my colleague that Harvard increases diversity and cohesiveness with these concerts." The City Manager suggested, "The Council should make the concerts unanimous." City Solicitor Drisdell said he would get back to the Manager about state laws on unanimity.
Speaking for Harvard Mary Power said "I'm willing to meet with city officials or any other members of the community who want to discuss this further. A lot of thought and planning went into these concerts," she added.
Local attorney and council critic Robert LaTremouille said, "These bad people and fake environmentalists continue to ignore the white geese. When will Harvard give concerts at the BU bridge?"

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