Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tavern in The Square 5K Road Race 2011

Sunday morning Labor Day weekend September 4, 2011, I opened my window to see people running in the street on Broadway. Did I miss something? My radio, TV and Internet connections were off. Maybe the city was being evacuated due to an invasion? I saw the evacuation route signs near MIT pointing north. Maybe it was happening for real and no one told me. I started yelling at the runners, "Run. Run. Run. Hurry up." Then I realized maybe it was a road race. I grabbed my trusty cam and ran outside and started video taping to celebrate the First Circuit US Court of Appeals decision August 26, 2011 Glik vs Cunniffe, et al.

This case re-affirmed the First Amendment Right to video tape police in their public duties making arrests in public. But it also noted no difference between ordinary citizens with recording devices and professional journalists. The Court said this right applies to all. It also stated that taping a public meeting in a public building is protected by the same First Amendment.

It turned out that this was the road race sponsored by the Tavern in The Square, a new chain of restaurants in Central Square, Porter Square in Cambridge MA, and in Allston neighborhood of Boston. Here is a link to the details. I did not capture the beginning of the race or all of the runners. Here is about 5 minutes of runners passing the construction site of the Harvard University's Fogg Museum a three year project to annoy all of the neighbors.

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