Friday, December 2, 2011

CRLS Street Paving

Using US taxpayer funds from the various stimulus packages Cambridge is paving the streets around CRLS. Last month Cambridge Street was paved. Now it is Broadway. Westbound traffic on Broadway was diverted at Ellery Street. Felton Street was closed except for Harvard's garage. A landscaping vehicle with a trailer was parked on the walkway to the main library. These images captured on Thursday December 1, 2011.

Two machines used to smooth asphalt.

Only one lane of eastbound Broadway open.

More work on Ware Street,

Is this guy praying or working? He has two watchers in any case.

One bright red truck parked on the CRLS sidewalk.

Heavy duty equipment truck.

Trucks parked in the middle of Broadway. One lane for traffic.

Police detail at Ellery Street and Broadway diverting westbound traffic.

Signs for Trowbridge Street traffic at Broadway. Library is in background.

Landscaping vehicles on the library walkway.

Felton Street at Cambridge Street.

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