Friday, December 2, 2011

Final Product, New Fogg Museum Crane

The battle of the cranes is over. The biggest, baddest and newest crane defeated all the rest. Long term resident cranes of Harvard University's Fogg Museum renovation construction project left the area. There is one last crane standing, until the biggest one needs to be dismantled. Then the smaller ones will return. Until then this is what it looks like one week after the smaller cranes raised this giant crane, which now does all the work that the other cranes did. These images captured on December 1, 2011.

[Previous images of raising this crane can be seen at:

Video of all still images:

All pieces in place.

Reaching upward toward the heavens.

Corporate Observers with new fencing material.

Pointing to the clouds.

New piece of fence to block peeping Toms and Janes

Balancing weights on the left.

The perfectly erect crane.

Almost same perspective.

Reaching up from the Fogg Museum shell.

Desk jockeys meet the working crews.

Connecting cables.

Crane on top of crane.

Perched in the center of the Fogg shell.

Perched in the center of the Fogg shell.

View from the Main Library Park. White buildings are CRLS.

Operator's cabin appears to sit on roof of CRLS.

Towering over 85-95 Prescott Street.

Operator's cabin is about twice as high as 85-95 Prescott Street.

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