Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suspect Shot Dead By Police Outside Fast Food Spot


Original VIDEO as seen on CBS KCAL ABC FOX and Univision34

To my account [witness at scene] this is what i witnessed, this is only my view of what i saw while i was on the scene and NOTHING more.

After people were running out side of the Carls Jr. a man holding what looked like to be a metal pipe bender was walking very slowly and calmly toward the side of Carls Jr. very nonchalantly smashing in the windows with his weapon, he then walked into the fast food restaurant. while the suspect was inside the police arrived and set up to the right of the enterance. the police told the suspect, some command i was unable to hear, the suspect then walked out side and well the rest can be seen from the video, at the time it was believed that he was shot with rubber pellets and sadly that wasn't case. The suspect seemed to be shot 5 times while facing the officer and then shot at 5 times again while his back was turned to the officer, allegedly of course

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