Friday, January 27, 2012

Machine That Lays Its Own Track

NEW High Speed RAILROAD TRACKS The hundreds of laborers who laid the first cross country tracks would be surprised.

Ever see a yellow gandy dancer? This is how it now works and what is happening from Chicago to St. Louis for the high speed rail. They are now working around Springfield. This is amazing to watch. They won't let you close enough to watch. This is even better and warmer. They just did this operation through Sherman for the high speed rail.

People were stopping along the highway taking pictures.

For those who live in the Springfield area and have seen all the machines running up and down the tracks, here is a link to a video of how the concrete ties and rail are set in place. The road bed was raised 13 inches to accommodate for the new high speed rail line between St. Louis , MO. and Chicago, IL. There are only two of these track laying machines in the world, one here the other in Europe.

This is a similar but less complex machine that digs up old city streets and lays new asphalt on city streets.

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