Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Danger Passed

In seven short hours after the snow stopped falling, emergency workers in Cambridge MA were able to restore access to an adult package shop, and several adult beverage lounges. Essential priorities rule.

Harvard University as usual gets an "A" for clearing the snow from their walkways through and near their property. Their workers were out with their snow plows at 8:00 AM while it was still snowing. 

Can't speak for the entire city but at about 5:30 PM on Saturday February 9, 2013 it was possible to walk from the Science Center to the Porter Square shopping center. There were some blockages where the property owners had not cleared the sidewalks, but it was only seven hours after the snow stopped. The Star Market, now called Shaw's, was open until 6:00 PM. Taggs Hardware was also open. 

My landlord, Harvard gets a "D" for not providing heat from 10:00 AM on Saturday until 5:00 PM when it was restored. Harvard's emergency communications system was not working so that the heat outage could not be reported. 

The city made sure that the snow did not cover the meters in order to ensure they could still charge for parking as soon as the emergency parking ban was lifted. 

This light pole was knocked down perhaps by a plow? 

Here's another view of the downed light pole.

Mother Nature resumed her evening sky shows shortly after the storm left the area. 

Some of the clouds remain visible as the storm moved away. 

This is the only snowman I saw the day the storm ended. It is on Broadway near the Sackler Museum. 

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