Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cambridge and Harvard Go Green?

This is what is left of the lawn on the over pass in front of the Science Center at Harvard University. The  grass was replaced by concrete slabs. Elegant wooden benches will be revealed soon. Unlike the metal benches around the City of Cambridge these will permit a human to recline completely without having to bend one's knees in order to avoid the bar in the middle of the city benches. City officials do not want anyone to sleep comfortably on their benches. Is this an indication that Harvard is inviting persons without homes to take naps in the evening? The land is city land. An agreement with the city government allows Harvard to "administer" the land. The new form it takes was not open to public discussion. It was decided in private by Harvard and city officials. Both Harvard and the city promote green programs. But this appears to conflict with those stated goals.

Looking toward Oxford Street

Memorial Hall in background

Looking toward the Science Center

Littauer Hall in background

Looking west with Littauer Hall on right

Science Center in background

Fancy new directions embedded in concrete

Science Center, left; Memorial Hall right

Littauer Hall

New fence over the roadway. This replaces the planters where rodents made their homes.

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