Monday, May 13, 2013

No Rest For The Weary

The rush is on to complete the new Harvard Art Museum taking the place of Harvard's Fogg Museum. After almost 3 years of construction, a $500 million project,  Harvard University began moving furniture and equipment into the new building. The electric power was restored a few weeks ago allowing the Skanska employees and contractors to work at night inside the new structure. On Sunday May 12, 2013 these Casey & Hayes moving trucks were seen at about noon. Clearly the Massachusetts Puritan Blue laws were repealed. The Cambridge police officer on detail watching the move would not allow any work on Sunday if it was illegal. City police officers know the City Council's ordinances unlike Harvard University's campus cops who are not empowered to enforce city ordinances. Not saying that they would even if they had jurisdiction.

Casey & Hayes van backing into the delivery entrance to the new building on Broadway.

Another Casey & Hayes van backed into the temporary driveway from Prescott Street.

Cambridge Police detail directing traffic on Broadway with a third Casey & Hayes van on the construction site near Quincy Street. 

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