Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Day For Boston Marathon Memorial

City of Boston announced Tuesday June 25, 2013 would be the last day for the Memorial for the victims of the Marathon Bombing to remain in Copley Square. I went to see before it disappeared.


Boston Marathon bombing memorial removed to city archives (but a permanent tribute is planned)
PUBLISHED: 08:35 EST, 24 June 2013 | UPDATED: 12:51 EST, 24 June 2013

I did not know that a psychiatrist would be evaluating me all day contrary to law.

Psychiatrists like police, politicians and those omniscient FBI agents believe that laws do not apply to them. They all see themselves, as above the law, and morally superior to ordinary humans. Ordinary citizens are expected to believe, as journalists do, that their genes have been cleansed of mendacity, greed and sadism. They do not need to know the laws that apply to them and do not need to obey any stinkin' laws. In Massachusetts laws are optional.

Marathon Memorial

When I picked up my mail a woman I had never seen said to me, "Hi there." I did not know what she was doing in my building. At the MBTA Red Line station there were what appeared to be ordinary riders. One couple with luggage asked how to get to the airport. A passenger told them to take the Silver Line. It was 5:57 PM and they said their plane was scheduled for 6:45 PM. They said they missed an earlier flight. They decided to take a taxi from South Station. Maybe they needed an evaluation?

Marathon Memorial

At Park Street I got the Green Line to Copley Square, where the Memorial was still standing. The train was crowded. A young man brushed up against me. He said, "I'm sorry." Then a woman he was with, pushed her behind against mine for about 20 seconds. If I did that to a woman I would have been arrested. I wondered what she was doing and was about to move when she stood up straight. I realized it was a test and just ignored the provocations. It is what police and psychiatrists do all the time. They jostle, a crime in New York City, to see what you will do. If you get upset or violent they declare you mentally ill. If you allow them to harass you and do not react they say you are not mentally ill. It is what psychiatrists do. They are the judges of who is sane and who is not.

Marathon Memorial

That they have the highest rate of suicide among humans is no concern to the judges and lawyers who accept their personal opinion as the measure of sanity. It is laughable but the misguided judges and police accept their personal opinion on who is sane and who is not. It is a big business.

City Officials Guarding the Memorial

At Copley Square I captured the images. Then on to the Green Line toward Lechmere to do grocery shopping. This train was crowded too. I was able to avoid the women, who expected me to molest them for the benefit of the psychiatrists. At Lechmere three or four women brushed their breasts and behinds against me at the station before I boarded a bus. Again if I did to women what they did to me, I would have been arrested.

Working Anti Terror Dog

At the market there were the usual black women blocking my path. This is a regular form of harassment and provocation by black men and women trying to provoke me. They are told by police and the FBI "He's a racist." That is part of a 30-year campaign of character assassination by crime families and the FBI. They harass me to make me love them. Huh? In any case that is what police employees do to me almost every time I shop for groceries.

Marathon Memorial

It is boring. Some women who were also blocked began screaming at them, "Excuse me." I commented, "She is in a coma," which is what most of them are in. I made it home before the rain began. I also made it to the library to pick up an item. One of the police employees at the library said to me, "I am glad to see you are all right." She always tries to provoke me and makes comments about me being insane. So it was not unusual that she said that after several hours of psychiatric harassment. It verified my observation that it was the police, and the FBI. The City, the Massachusetts Attorney General and Harvard University promote fighting bullying by high school students of other students. They do not care about bullying by police, FBI criminals, psychiatrists and library employees of a 70-year-old white male with a legal disability. Bullying him is OK in Cambridge and at Harvard University.

Marathon Memorial

It is a violation of state and US laws to conduct an evaluation without consent. There was no court order to allow this illegal activity. It violates state and US privacy laws. But maybe they think they work for the NSA or the Department of Homeland Security. Well, the FBI is a part of the DHS. I remember how former State Rep. Jarrett Tomas Barrios, who is now the $325,000 a year CEO of the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts, reacted to my criticism of him. He reportedly arranged for the DHS to conduct surveillance and harassment which they did for about a week. Barrios is also a civil rights activist for homosexuals only. He was able to overcome discrimination to graduate from Harvard College, obtain  a degree from a major law school and get elected to state offices. Think about what he might have done had he not been a victim of discrimination. When he retired from Massachusetts politics, he took with him $500,000 in campaign funds. The priorities of misguided police and mindless FBI employees are laughable. Targeting an elder person over 60 is an enhanced crime. Racially motivated harassment is a hate crime. But in Massachusetts laws are optional.

Marathon Memorial

Jarrett Tomas Barrios, Massachusetts Former State Rep., Former State Senator, CEO Red Cross, Eastern Massachusetts, Activist For Homosexual Rights, Victim.

It shows why terrorists are able to kill so many people and why violent criminals are able to conduct their crimes without any scrutiny. Police and FBI morons are too busy watching me and harassing me. After 40 years of such abuses it is boring. It reinforces my opinion of how dysfunctional the government is. They target me after the FBI used me to fight organized crime for 15 years and did not pay me. For 22 years crime families and Communists harassed me and defamed me. The FBI and police psychiatrists move in to test the target of police and criminal abuse. Are they geniuses or what?  

Marathon Memorial

John  Hancock Tower

While this abuse was going on in Copley Square, James Bulger was on trial in Boston US District court for 19 homicides while he worked as an FBI informant. A former associate of his, John  Martorano, who admitted killing 20 people for Bulger testified earlier in the week. Martorano served 12 years for 20 homicides. When he was released from prison, the DEA gave him $20,000 to restart his life.  He got $250,000 for film rights to his story, with a promise of another $250,000 if the film is made. He is partners with Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr, who wrote a book about Martorano. They share the book profits--$80,000 so far. For murderers crime pays very well in Boston. For law abiding citizens, not so much. Massachusetts police and the Boston FBI bring on psychiatrists to investigate why law abiding citizens did not kill anyone. Are they great or what?

Marathon Memorial

Copley Plaza Hotel

Old John Hancock Building

Trinity Church

Boylston Street 

Old South Church

Boston  Fashionista

Boston Hollywood Fashionista

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library


Boston Public Library

High Rise Apartments in Copley Square

Boston Pedicap

Street Flute Player

Statue of John Singleton Copley Painted With Bruins Colors, Area Code for Boston

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