Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obama Appoints Clueless Ambassadors, Discredits Other Countries

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In the latest blunder for an Obama administration ambassadorial nominee, prolific Democratic campaign fundraiser Noah Mamet admitted Thursday that he has never been to Argentina – the nation where he wants to represent U.S. interests as America's top diplomat.
The White House has tapped him to be the U.S. ambassador to the South American country.
'Mr. Mamet have you been to Argentina,' asked Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio during the Californian's confirmation hearing.
'I haven't had the opportunity yet to be there,' he admitted, ashen-faced.
'I've traveled pretty extensively around the world, but I haven't yet had the chance.'

Obama not only insults foreign government leaders, but he also discredits other ambassadors. In view of the limited intelligence of the people Obama  appoints to be the U.S. ambassadors to other countries I just assume that other countries do the same. I look at ambassadors as politicians as as bad as politicians that appoint them.

Obama nominee for ambassador to Argentina says he's NEVER been to the country
Noah Mamet bundled at least $1 million in campaign donations to President Obama's two presidential election campaigns, and now he's in line to be the U.S. ambassador to Argentina
When Sen. Marco Rubio asked him during his confirmation hearing if he had ever visited the South American country, he admitted that he hadn't
Last month the Obama nominee for a similar post in Norway demonstrated a lack of knowledge about that nation's political structure and said he had never been there
Newly minted ambassador Max Baucus, now headed to Beijing, freely admitted in his own hearing that he's 'no real expert on China'
The new ambassador to Hungary is a soap opera producer and prolific Democratic fundraiser who couldn't tell senators what America's strategic interests are in that country
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 01:56 EST, 7 February 2014 | UPDATED: 15:23 EST, 7 February 2014

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