Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unable to Publish Regularly Due to Harassment, Computer Tampering

Published January 19, 2014 8:15 PM ET

Thoughtful Harvard University campus police recruited some student members of the university to conduct the harassment that the campus police no longer are willing to do. The students are the equivalent of the undocumented workers (formerly illegal aliens, before those words were banned at Harvard University, and in Cambridge MA), who do the jobs that Americans refuse to do. Thus over the past several weeks the harassment has intensified. Students are not known for having common sense. These twenty-something members of the elite upper class bully association attack a 70-year-old white male who survived 45 years of police, crime families, Communists and FBI harassment in three states. They exhibit their courage attacking a shell of a man. 

They also prevent me from publishing other than sporadically. On Friday evening of the MLK Jr. three day holiday weekend, January 17, 2014, as I did errands, someone entered my apartment and tampered with my computer. It was acting extremely unstable the next day. An alternative scenario is that the computer was attacked remotely. It was easy to notice one thing they did. They changed my home page. I fixed that. But on Sunday, when I began trying to save an essay on a flash drive, I got a system  error message saying that the disk cannot be repaired. The error message urged backing up the data and reformatting the disk. So I immediately without thinking saved the contents of the flash drive onto another external drive. Then I erased the flash drive and tried to verify it. The system was unable to do that. So I erased the the flash drive. Alas the new file on the external drive was empty. Hopefully I will be able to save, recover what I do not have access to at present. It was not a complete loss. Only three months of essays.

But it will cost me at least $100 and time. Thank you Harvard University. I was made aware that there is a new campaign to force me to leave the state of Massachusetts. It is not the first time that has happened to me. I am constantly being harassed and threatened. So this is no great event, just the latest example of what these upper class elitist criminals do to those they see as vulnerable. 

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