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Sharpton Again Exposed As FBI Informant

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The failed government cash grab came three years after Sharpton became a paid FBI snitch, allegedly to avoid arrest on cocaine charges. He was caught on video discussing a major coke deal — and showed up for a Manhattan meeting with a man he thought was a South American drug lord.
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Sharpton and Curington’s ventures included trying to help Joe Robinson of the Sugar Hill Records label cut a $6.5 million deal with MCA during the late 1980s.
The agreement fell through, but Sharpton and Curington still expected a “hefty, six-figure fee” from Robinson, who called the cops when two mob goons showed up at Robinson’s studio to demand payment, The Smoking Gun reported.
After that call, Sharpton sent a letter to an Englewood, NJ, detective vowing protests if he and Curington weren’t paid. Sharpton now says he doesn’t remember writing it

Sharpton nearly got funds in ’80s for program ‘to be run with drug felon’
By Georgett Roberts, Carl Campanile and Bruce Golding
April 11, 2014 | 3:32am
New York Post

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Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant
Untold story of how activist once aided probes of NYC wiseguys
April 7, 2014

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Rev. Sharpton On Report Calling Him FBI Informant: ‘I Was Not And Am Not A Rat’
Takes Issue With 'Smoking Gun' Website: 'They’re Just Trying To Get Some Attention'
April 8, 2014 5:09 PM

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In a desperate effort to explain away his work as a paid government informant, the Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday claimed that he first ran into the FBI’s arms after his life was threatened by gangsters, an incident that prompted him to then record 10 face-to-face encounters with one of those dangerous hoodlums.
That story is a lie.
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The money he was paid by his FBI handler? Well, that was just reimbursements for carfare, Sharpton claims. As he explained to MSNBC viewers, Sharpton was just a victim looking for Uncle Sam’s protection and intervention.
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Here is what actually happened:
Sharpton began cooperating with the FBI in mid-1983.
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The reverend was “flipped” by FBI agents three months after he was filmed in March 1983 (during a bureau sting) talking cocaine with an undercover agent. On a Thursday afternoon in June 1983, Sharpton showed up at a Manhattan apartment expecting to meet again with the undercover agent, who was posing as a former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions.
Instead, Sharpton was confronted by FBI agents who showed him the “cocaine” videotape. The panicked reverend agreed--on the spot--to cooperate with federal agents, according to sources familiar with the contents of Sharpton’s FBI informant file.
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At the direction of his FBI handlers, Sharpton initially recorded conversations with boxing promoter Don King,

Facts Derail Lying Sharpton's Informant Tale
Former FBI Mafia snitch spins fabricated story of "CI-7" work
By William Bastone, Andrew Goldberg, Joseph Jesselli

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No matter how much he insists that he was just one fat cat keeping tabs on all the rats around him, truth is Mr. Sharpton was a low-down, double-crossing lying snitch from the start.
In a truly epic report released this week by, the great pompadoured race pimp, elocutionist and shake-down artist was exposed as a paid FBI informer going back decades. Based upon federal affidavits, transcripts and other documents, TSG outlined Mr. Sharpton’s extensive career as a stool pigeon turning evidence on some of the most notorious mobsters operating in New York at the time.
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Even as Mr. Sharpton was publicly railing against authorities and helping Tawana Brawley build her rape hoax lie that would destroy the reputations and lives of several cops, Mr. Sharpton was serving as a snitch.
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And the answer is that you are the one who chose to devote your life to vilifying the government, police and authority in general as a bunch of hateful, white rapists out to destroy blacks and the poor.
Now we come to find out you were in cahoots with whitey all along. So, no longer are you just a low-down, two-bit huckster. You are a lying, cheating, double-crossing low-down, two-bit huckster.
And like the great American entrepreneur we now know you are, Mr. Sharpton, you were shaking them down on both sides of the street every step of the way.

HURT: Once just a race hustler, now a snitching race hustler
Charles Hurt
April 8, 2014
charleshurt (at)

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"Burn the Jew Store Down"
By Hy Drusin

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