Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cambridge MA City Solicitor Parks Illegally

These photos were taken in June 2004. I had no blog at the time and the local newspapers refused to publish them. Cambridge MA City Solicitor, Donald Drisdell sits in his illegally parked car at the corner of Bishop Allen Drive and Inman Street near City Hall. He earns more than $125,000 per year and parks illegally regularly. City Parking and Traffic enforcement officers explain that even if they gave his vehicle a ticket it would be "knocked down." Drisdell along with a few other City officials have blue Massachusetts police license plates on his car as can be seen in other photos. In these photos he is parked too near the corner, the crosswalk, and too near a Stop Sign; but also other violations as can be seen from the four signs in addition to the Stop Sign where he is parked. On other occasions he parked at meters along Inman Street for several hours contrary to city ordinance. This is typical of the way that city officials show their contempt for law and abuse their power. If the "Broken Window" theory of policing applies to humans, this would suggest that there are greater concerns about the way that the City Solicitor does business.

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