Tuesday, July 3, 2007

June 25, 2007 Roy Bercaw Speaks to City Council

Roy Bercaw speaking as the Vice President for Governmental and Community Affairs of the Mid Cambridge Chapter of the Spending Other People's Money Society, corrects the Scrivener's error in a resolution of condolences for the 9 Firefighters in South Carolina who died fighting a fire. The Council resolution which said it was North Carolina was not corrected at the meeting even after I noted it to the Council during public comment.
I revealed that the City of Cambridge has an official No Snitchin' policy. The city declared itself a sanctuary city and prohibits police from snitchin' on illegal immigrants. Nonetheless the City Council laments that young people refuse to cooperate with police in fighting crime.
I questioned allowing persons with disabilities who display a disability tag on their vehicles to park overtime at meters. I asked, "What happened to the equal protection clause?" What is more troubling is that the City excludes persons with disabilities from participating in city functions discussing discrimination, but they allow them to drive cars in the city? No wonder there are so many dangerous drivers.

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