Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cambridge MA Role Models

Cambridge Police car parked in No Parking zone and next to a fire hydrant at 875 Mass Avenue at Lee Street.

Cambridge City Attorney one of 180 Cambridge, MA employees who earn more than $100,000/year looks at the lens.

Cambridge MA City Attorney parked illegally on Bishop Allen Drive at Inman Street.

Cambridge Mayor Ken Reeves taking a nap during candidate panel discussion.

Cambridge police car parked at stop sign on Dana Street at Mass Avenue.

Cambridge DPW truck parks blocking a driveway at City Hall.

Cambridge City Attorney parks at another expired meter on Inman Street.

Cambridge City van parks on Bigelow Street on the corner with Mass Avenue in a No Parking zone.

One of many public officials with Blue Police plates parked illegally at Inman Street and Bishop Allen Drive.

Cambridge City Attorney parks on Inman Street near City Hall blocking a driveway.

This Cambridge police van is parked in a bus stop on Broadway near Fayette Street.

A Taxi joins the Cambridge patrol car in the bus stop at Dana Street and Mass Avenue.

This Cambridge Patrol Car is parked in a bus stop at Mass and Dana Street.

This Harvard University Police car is parked illegally on Mass Avenue, a main thoroughfare in Cambridge, MA. It is across the street from the newest Harvard Police headquarters near Ellery Street between Harvard Square and Central Square. The HUPD has a garage and a off-street rear parking lot which they do not use. This is a regular practice of the HUPD. The City ignores this abuse of police power.
The politicians lament that young people do not cooperate with the police to solve violent crime. Could it be that young people see police violate laws and take their cue from the police role models?
The "Broken Window" theory of policing is that stopping minor offenses usually leads to solving more serious crime. The same perps who commit minor offenses are usually doing serious crime as well. If this theory applies to humans then it must apply also to police who claim to be human.

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