Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Israeli Ambassador Speaks at UC Irvine

Film shows Israel's Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, trying to speak at UC Irvine on February 8, 2010, during numerous shouts trying to drown him out.
Ambassador Oren persevered, completing his speech, and 11 students who disrupted his speech were escorted out by police.

Please see the Uncivilized Tactics at UC Irvine Part 2, where cameras followed the student group out of the auditorium and catches the leader congratulating the whole group for shutting down Ambassador Oren's speech.

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This is Part One of Two.

This film shows what happened on February 8 after students disrupted Ambassador Michael Oren's speech at UC Irvine. After the 11 students were removed from the room by police, approximately 75 students (who were cheering for the hecklers) all stood up and marched out of the room. Film shows a leader boasting that the group had succeeded in shutting down Michael Oren, and he invites everyone to all follow him to a "debriefing." The film also shows that Ambassador Oren actually was able to complete his speech after the disruptive students were escorted out of the room by police Learn more at
This is Part Two of Two.

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