Friday, April 2, 2010

Left-wing Thug Alex Jones Attacks Michelle Malkin

At an August 26, 2008 rally at the Denver Mint to levitate the building, Alex Jones shows that he is a common thug. This 11 minute video goes from humor to danger. The attack on Malkin begins at 2:39 in this clip. Jones attacks and harangues Michelle Malkin. Prior to this event I supported him thinking he truly believed in American values and the Constitution. But he exposes himself as a left wing thug interrupting, making threats and jumping in front of the camera to scream and yell. He is pathetic just like Obama. Malkin shows her courage standing her ground and speaking calmly while being threatened by the crowd of left-wing thugs and cameramen surrounding her. She is courageous for speaking out about the criminal abuses and anti American rhetoric thriving in this country. She put her life on the line that day. In addition to her book, Culture of Corruption about Washington DC she mentions her new book In Defense of Internment.

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