Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liberals Show Indifference to First Amendment Rights

Chris Matthews runs an all liberal all the time TV talk show. He's a former political operative for a Democratic congressman which explains his limited version of reality. In this clip he and his four liberal guests attack the Tea Party and Sarah Palin as instigators of violence from right-wing extremists. This shows a lack of respect for First Amendment Rights of American citizens. But it is one more example of demonizing people they do not like. One group of persons who are mostly harmless eccentrics are demonized by journalists every day. Their own lawyers and the courts openly accuse them of being violent and dangerous. Human services corporations which earn their billions of taxpayer dollars providing goods and services also demonize persons with disabilities. Persons accused of mental illness are some of the most feared people by lawyers, doctors, journalists and even by college professors. How does this bias differ from what the liberal media elitists say on network TV about the Tea Party? US Rep Conyers declared Tea Party people to be irrational. He called the Tea Party Tea Baggers, a sex act of homosexuals. Is what he said rational?

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