Friday, June 3, 2011

TSA Sexually Assaults Woman, Son Video-Tapes

The young man who video taped this incident showed enormous courage standing up to the TSA control freaks and the police, without losing his temper. Here is one more incident of TSA abusing its power without even knowing what the laws are. They violate rights of citizens because they can. Too few citizens stand up for their rights, allowing these over paid bureaucrats to violate rights repeatedly.

5-28-11 at Sky Harbor International in Phoenix, [written by son of woman assaulted by TSA] AZ my mother was sexually assaulted which brought her to tears. Multiple TSA agents claimed to know my whole family (WELCOME TO 1984) TSA then threatened to steal my luggage because I left it unattended... rather because I was 10 feet from it. I was then threatened to have my ability to fly revoked by Southwest Airlines, NOT TSA. Southwest Airlines then threatened to have me arrested for filming the event, even though TSA, Southwest, and Phoenix Police couldn't provide me with the statute or law that claims I cannot film in a public area. Here is that event. Police- Protecting and Serving??? Why is TSA asking for my father's phone number and address at the end of this ordeal, to add us to a no-fly list or spy on us?

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