Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cambridge Water Main Break June 4, 2011

Saturday night June 4, 2011 a 30-inch water main broke on Broadway at Trowbridge Street in Cambridge MA. These images were captured at 6:30 AM Sunday June 5, 2011, as the clean-up began. Cambridge DPW employees were still working in the large hole dug to fix the water pipe. Also on site were Cambridge Water Department, Cambridge Police, Cambridge Fire Department and Mass Water Resources Authority. The private street cleaning service was present and began cleaning the two-inch deep mud from the sidewalk in front of the Library. The walk to the library front door was covered with mud to within 50 feet of the front entrance. The levee built to stop water from flowing into the parking garage under the library held. City officials reportedly expect to restore full water pressure by noon on Sunday June 5, 2011. A week later the hole was filled in, the pipe was repaired and the sidewalk was cleaned of mud.

Cambridge Police at Broadway and Ware Street

Street Cleaner Beginning on Sidewalk in Front of Library

The Levee Protecting The Library Garage

Hole in Street Opened to Repair Broken Water Pipe

Hole in Street Opened to Repair Broken Water Pipe

Pieces of Sidewalk Removed to Dig Bigger Hole

Angelo's Pizza Was Closed on Sunday Morning

One Piece of Construction Equipment

Brand New DPW Truck

Cambridge Water Department Automobile

Mud on Front Walk of Main Library

Cambridge Vehicles. Mud is Visible on Street and Sidewalk

Cambridge Police Traffic Van on Broadway

Cambridge Fire Department SUV

Cambridge Police at Broadway and Ellery Street

Street Sweeper Just Arriving

Water Pumps Still Working in Hole

Pumping Water and Scooping Dirt

Working With No Pizza

Mud Covers Some Crosswalk Stripes

Mud On Sidewalk

Big Foot Prints in Mud; Great Crime Scene

Mud Waves on Sidewalk

The Library Garage Levee

Sidewalk to Library Front Entrance All Cleaned Up

Temporary Fix to Hole Opened to Repair Water Pipe

Hole Filled in After Repairing Water Pipe

Hole Extended From Street Onto Sidewalk

Temporary Fix to Hole At Trowbridge Street and Broadway

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