Friday, July 27, 2012

Columbia/Pennsylvania vs Harvard Alumni

Nearing the end of the Boston area summer Ivy League (July 27, 2012) Alumni Baseball (softball) League, Harvard alumni went up against a combined team of Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. The result was not pretty, Harvard many, CU/UP two. Harvard was the home team (played on Cambridge Common) and arrived wearing bright black T shirts to show their solidarity with the Colorado shooter. Um, no it was because the shirt maker ran out of crimson colored shirts. This is a special league where sexual preference is NOT a requirement for playing softball. The batting team provides the pitcher which may explain the score. Harvard pitchers seemed to be lobbing it in to their batters. But the Columbia and U Penn pitchers appeared to be trying to strike out their own players. Each team had ten fielders. Four in the outfield, and one behind the pitcher. This is what it looked like to this man's camera.

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