Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Directed Noise Compliments of CPD

[I was unable to capture the audio. ]
Harvard University is renovating their prominent Fogg Museum, Busch Reisinger Museum and their Fine Arts library. It is two years into the three year project. Usually the construction corporation complies with the many laws that the police enforce. Cambridge police allow them to ignore others. Cambridge restricts construction to the hours between 7 AM and 9 PM. On Saturday construction may not begin before 9 AM. But that is only the law. Cambridge police are excused from the laws as well as the elected officials who allegedly run the city with the permission of the 30-year City Manager. It is clear to anyone who knows about this city that the City Manager is a dictator in the purest sense of what the word means. The city police enforce laws, and city agencies act according to policies determined by one man. The City Council passes what they call "orders" which are really requests to the City Manager each week. The manager decides what he will answer and what he will ignore. The spineless people who run for office to participate in this farce, ensure that there is never any challenge to the manager's actions whether or not they are legal.

I was blessed by Harvard administrators with an apartment directly across the street from the Fogg construction project. Each day I am treated to the brutal sounds of banging and especially the added musical charms of the back up warning signal of construction equipment. It is not as if the drivers of those vehicles could not drive them without the backup signal. The vehicles have cabs that can face in either direction. But they seem to always be going backwards with the blasting warning beeper.

Sometimes they begin at 5:30 AM but I gave up complaining. The police dispatchers would tell me to go out and to complain directly so that the workers would punch me out as they did to one neighbor a couple of years ago. The Cambridge dispatchers are charming too. They work with the police to control citizens instead of protecting their freedom. Governments in this country have become communistic. Some of the construction workers told me they would prefer to begin at 5 AM every day.

On Tuesday July 31, 2012, construction began at 7 AM sharp. At about 7:25 PM I heard loud beeper signals from a vehicle which sounded as if it was right outside of my window. It continued for about 3 minutes. I looked to see. It was right outside of my window. It was being loaded onto a flat bed truck to transfer elsewhere. I wondered why it was on my side of the street. Why did it need to be loaded alongside of a building where people lived, at 7:30 AM? There are two nearby streets adjacent to the project where no one lives, at Quincy Street on both sides of Broadway. Even if they loaded it on the other side of street it would not be so loud. I wondered if the police directed them to do it that way. Would police harass civilians? In the USA? Read Hitman by Howie Carr and see how police, and the FBI in Boston murdered civilians wholesale and got away with it for 30 years. Only two FBI agents, two crime family members and two informants were punished. The same criminal organization that ran the Boston and Massachusetts governments, still run them today. A few personnel changes are the only differences.

After that flatbed truck with the construction vehicle left, another truck pulled up and dropped a large dumpster right outside of my windows. Crash, bang. One of the cranes proceeded to drop a large metal box into the dumpster making a bomb-like sound. Then the dumpster was loaded back onto the truck and taken away. All of this before 8:00 AM. This is not a unique occurrence. There is what appears to be intentional harassment by police, who are on site every day directing traffic, beginning at 6 AM. They direct the vehicles next to the residential building and on the side of the street next to the building.

Here are images captured between 7:27 AM and 7:56 AM on Tuesday July 31, 2012.

[These images captured on August 3, 2012 at about 7:10 AM]

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