Saturday, March 30, 2013

Obama Talks About Live Birth Abortions

Peter Singer, BioEthicist at Princeton University

[From article]
a Princeton “bioethicist” [Peter Singer] announced he’d allow the killing of disabled babies after they were born if that was in the “best interests” of the family.
Those comments came from Peter Singer, a controversial bioethics professor, who responded to a series of questions in the UK Independent several years ago.
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Singer’s response came to Dublin reader Karen Meade’s question: “Would you kill a disabled baby?”
“Yes, if that was in the best interests of the baby and of the family as a whole. Many people find this shocking, yet they support a woman’s right to have an abortion,” he said.

Lawmakers told mother's 'choice' to let babies die on table
March 29, 2013

This is a video clip of testimony in the Illinois State Legislature regarding a bill about live birth abortions. You can hear then State Sen. Obama ask remarkable questions about the bill beginning at about 3 minutes into the clip.

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