Monday, March 25, 2013

Rape "Testimony" Recanted After Ten Years, CBS News

This story, broadcast on March 24, 2013, is about a black high school student football player who was accused of rape, arrested, charged, and pleaded no contest. The news report stated that he did so not because he was guilty but because of his size and his skin color. This happened sometime in 2002. His black female lawyer counseled him to do so. Would that mean his lawyer did not believe in the criminal justice system?
Ten years later, after serving 5 years in prison, and being required to wear an ankle bracelet and designated a sex offender, the black woman accuser contacted him on FaceBook. She agreed to be interviewed and admitted that he did not rape her. She was concerned about having to give back the $1.5 million award she got for the school's alleged negligence. CBS News' 60 Minutes did a national report about this young man who was harmed by a false rape allegation. So far nothing happened to the woman.
Sometime in 1970 reports began accusing me of some sexual wrongdoing. No one told me any details. I was never charged or arrested by any police agency for any offense. I was clueless. For 42 years, local police agencies, FBI agents, about 9 crime families and Communists attached to those crime families, and let's not forget those charming and always delightful Harvard University campus cops, broadcast character assassination which included but was not limited to an allegation. I was never arrested, never charged, never given any notice of any accusation, never given the right to defend myself, never given the right to appeal any adverse decision. I did not enjoy any of the Due Process Rights guaranteed by state and US Constitutions. After 42 years of relentless character assassinatIon those delightful cops, FBI agents (they are special aren't they?), crime families and Communists continue to harass me and to defame me and to punish me for those fantastic allegations. I am not allowed an attorney to stop the defamation after 42 years. The FBI tells me, "You can't win." Even if I was convicted of a sex offense, it would be over and I would be free. But I am not. I am still being harassed every day and slandered every day by all of the above.
Oh, one group of homosexuals has an idea for compensation for those 42 years. Payment of one lesbian who works for the police. Is that human trafficking, using women to pay bills? What a great country, no? Keep in mind this is only one, one element among many of 42 years of relentless character assassination by the above mentioned organizations.
One more observation. The District Attorney for the area (former Middlesex County dissolved due to pervasive corruption), which includes Harvard University and Cambridge MA, resigned his position in March 2013. He first said he would not run for re-election. Then he said he will leave office early. He may be ill with an incurable disease. He may want to spend his last days with his family. But maybe he was caught doing something wrong? That is how government criminals are treated in Massachusetts. They are allowed to resign quietly and seldom held accountable. Maybe he refused to prosecute or to investigate criminal abuses by the FBI, by Harvard University administrators, by local police and politicians. Maybe he will not stop the criminal abuses of a law abiding white male citizen who survived 42 years of criminal abuses including some by prosecutors within his own office. Roger Morris observed who gets power in the US these days in his book about the Clintons, Partners in Power -- weak people with relaxed rectitude. Does that apply to the outgoing DA?
Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks
March 24, 2013 1:03 PM
Has Brian Banks' dream of an NFL career been delayed or even destroyed by a false charge of rape and 5 years in prison?
James Brown reports.
60 Minutes CBS News

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