Saturday, July 23, 2011

74 Year-Old Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Unloads

74 Year-Old Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Punches Moon Conspiracy Stalker In The Face.
This live clip shows Bart Sibrel following Aldrin and pestering him, until the former astronaut explodes. There is no doubt that he walked on the moon. Mythbusters offers proof below.

Mythbusters Moon Hoax Photo Explanations

Apollo doubters never seem to come up with their own photos of seedy, back-room hoax meetings, actors, directors or sets in the desert. However, they love to pick on Apollo photos! Unfortunately, they often lack even basic understanding of photographic realities. Here, the crew from "Mythbusters" defuses 2 popularly proposed Apollo photo objections. No, in a half-hour show, they can't explain 100s of photos.

Don't bother suggesting that Mythbusters is actually proving that photos can be faked. These little photos aren't THAT good! And that's not the point of their experiment.

The purpose was not to prove it's impossible duplicate an effect. They proved that shadows can appear at uneven angles. They proved shadows don't always look parallel on uneven surfaces. They've proved that an astronaut's image can properly be exposed even if he's in a shadow.

Taking a couple of (less than convincing) still image of a toy model doesn't explain thousands of images and dozens of hours of video, retroreflectors on the moon, rock samples, etc.

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