Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did PC Landscapers Censor War Memorial Tribute?

UPDATE: On or before August 9, 2011 the tree blocking the view of the tribute plaque was removed.

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Cambridge MA taxpayers funded a $26 million renovation of the War Memorial, a recreation facility for the high school (CRLS) and the community. Landscapers placed trees at equal distances from each other along the wall where a plaque stands as tribute to the men and women of Cambridge who gave their lives for the freedoms enjoyed by today's citizens. But the landscapers placed one tree directly in front of the tribute plaque. In late June 2011 Harvard University released a study which indicated that Independence Day parades were mostly supported by "right wingers," a usual target of Harvard faculty and students. Harvard's campus is less than 3 blocks from where the plaque is on the wall of the War Memorial. There is no evidence that the landscapers used their tree placement to censor the tribute to the Cambridge citizens who gave their lives.

Harvard Study: 4th of July Parades are Right Wing

Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing
By Paul Bedard
US News
Posted: June 30, 2011

Did PC Landscapers Censor War Memorial Tribute? from Mencken on Vimeo.

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