Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Harvard Renovates Unabomber's Former Dorm

Harvard University is renovating 8 Prescott Street, the home of the Expository Writing Program. (These images were captured on July 4, 2011.)

When he was a Harvard College student, the building was Ted Kaczynski's (The Unabomber's) dorm. Researchers at Harvard used him as a human subject for experiments. Officials say he volunteered.

In June 2001 the FBI captured James Bulger. He was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for 16 years. He was indicted for 19 homicides during the period he was an FBI informant in Boston. Before that he was a prisoner in Alcatraz Prison off the coast of California. He volunteered as a human subject for a medical research project using hallucinogens to get a reduced sentence.

How many more violent persons were abused by government researchers? Why is there no accountability for the harm that researchers do to humans in the name of good? How much violence is caused by psychiatrists acting in the name of good? The Nazi doctors claimed in their defense at the Nuremberg trials that the benefit to society outweighed the harm to the individuals. Does that paradigm apply to the 19 homicides allegedly committed by Bulger, and the three murders allegedly by Kaczynski?

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