Sunday, November 20, 2011

Assembling Fogg Construction Crane Day 2

[Video made from all still images can be viewed at

Day two of assembling the main construction crane on the Fogg Museum renovation site, at Harvard University, Cambridge MA. These images captured on Sunday November 20, 2011.

Earlier images of this operation can be seen at these links.]

[Later images can be seen at this link.]

Operator's cabin and platform hoisted into place.

Next piece on cable being raised to the platform.

At left is support crane. At right is smaller crane on platform near operator's cabin of main crane.

Dueling cranes, dancing up to the moon.

Doing a parallel step to the music.

Latest part being added to the platform.

Constructing the horizontal beam.

The small crane feeds the big crane.

Big crane is hungry today.

Holding next segment in place until attached.

Skanska ground crew keeps watch.

Cable to cable dance in the upper atmosphere.

Some of the upper air crew attaching piece to piece.

Ground crew keeps watch on upper air crew.

Releasing the cable to get another part.

Upper air erector set in place.

Support crane cable reaches for another piece.

View of support crane (right) next to red crane (left) being assembled, from main Cambridge library park. Notice flashing red light to warn low flying aircraft.

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