Monday, November 21, 2011

Completing Assembly of Fogg Crane Day 3

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On the third day of the assembly of the main construction crane, three courageous Skanska employees walked out along the horizontal segment of the crane to attach cables and to untie guidelines. After assembling the main crane the support crane was taken down and away. Broadway was closed for the entire day as well as Prescott Street all two blocks of it. These images captured on Monday November 21, 2011.

[Earlier images of this operation can be seen at these links.]

The horizontal segment of the main Fogg construction crane was attached to a cable and the lifting began using the support crane on the side of Broadway.

Operator's cabin on right. Support crane cables connected to the horizontal bar in center. Support crane at left.

Skanska upper air crew waiting to attach horizontal segment.

Hook and cables to hoist the horizontal leg of the crane.

Three cranes with cables attached to the horizontal part of the crane beginning its rise.

Lift off of the fifty foot erector set leg.

Beginning of lift off.

Moving on up.


Repositioning over Broadway.

Guideline held by ground crew in center of image.

Crossed erector set pieces flying high.

Upper air crew still waiting.

Moving closer.

Guideline can be seen on left side, cables of support crane, and cable attached to new horizontal addition.

Moving slowly into place.

Approaching upper air spacemen who will make attachments.

Guidelines, cables and no errors.

Moving slowly into place.

Almost in place.

Spacewalkers leave platform to work on new piece.

Spacewalkers move along the new piece attaching electrical control cables.

Moving out to center where support crane cables are still attached.

Attaching cables along the horizontal.

A third spacewalker joins the party.

Performing high wire act with no applause or paying audience.

Disconnecting the support crane cables.

Spacewalkers, cranes and cables.

Connecting and disconnecting high above Broadway.

Geometric figures in the sky.

All this done without MIT experts.

Smarter than Icarus, they hold on.

Celestial geometry over the Carpenter Center

Untying the guideline.

Complex knot.

It's gone.

Working closely as a team.

Three men on a crane, coming soon to a theater near you.

Are they testing this segment or just enjoying the view?

Putting cables in place.

Checking and rechecking.

Outside the operator's cabin high above the ground.

Four cranes in this image, partial at right of new crane.

Taking down the small crane.

Bringing the extensions home.

Horizontal segment in place.

Raising a new bar.

Higher and higher.

Almost there.

Getting close.

Arriving at the space platform.

Are these two cranes making out?

Dueling cranes high above the field.

Cranes, cables and erector set on display.

Small crane moved onto Broadway.

Opening it up again.

Sitting on Broadway for new work order.

Opening it up.

Swinging around toward the work site.

Another bar raising.

Raising the bar up high.

Taking down the support crane.

New piece works well. Swinging it around.

Slowly taking down the support crane.

Broadway remains closed to traffic.

Support crane on ground on Prescott Street.

Skyline without support crane.

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