Friday, November 18, 2011

Assembling the Main Fogg Museum Construction Crane

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After assembling the white support crane the Skanska construction crew began raising the main ten story red crane on the Harvard University Fogg Museum construction site. Prescott Street between Harvard Street and Broadway remains closed. These images captured on Friday November 18, 2011, and Saturday November 19, 2011.

[Previous images can be seen at this link]

[Later images of this operation can be seen at these links.]

[The below images were captured on Friday November 18, 2011]

White support crane being used to assemble the main construction crane for Harvard University's Fogg Museum renovation project.

View is through the residential building canyon on Prescott Street. This crane is about 10 stories high.

Part of the ground crew from Skanska Construction, preparing for the "moon shot."

Lower part of support crane. At left is the tower of Memorial Hall. White building at right is William James Hall. Red brick building in center is 85 Prescott Street.

Some of the cables on the support crane looking up from ground level.

Beginning of red crane being assembled by the support crane.

Construction equipment, cement pump on Prescott Street. Carpenter Center can be seen in background.

More construction equipment parked on Prescott Street looking toward Broadway.

The winged crane looking up from the ground.

Two cranes dancing on Prescott Street.

More of the construction crane ballet now performing on Prescott Street. It is part of the free concert performance art give back from Harvard University to the community. At left is the top of 474 Broadway.

At left is the main construction crane being assembled on the site of the Fogg Museum renovation.

The support crane reaching up to the moon.

Dueling cranes.

Skanska ground crew keeping watch.

[These images captured on Saturday November 19, 2011]

Another piece of the huge crane being assembled, off-loaded from the flatbead.

One more segment of the red crane being moved onto the site.

The small crane used to make the big crane.

Two cranes being used to make the big crane.

Flatbead parked on Broadway bringing more segments of the huge red crane being assembled.

Cambridge police details watch over the off loading of the crane parts.

Two parallel cranes reaching upward.

Crane cables moving into place.

One more piece of the crane puzzle.

Operator cabin in place on the new main crane.

Swinging one more piece of the crane onto the site.

Ground crew preparing for lift-off.

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