Thursday, November 17, 2011

Psychologist Ignores Role of Psychiatric Drugs As Cause of Violence

Emily Rooney continues her shameless promotion of psychiatry and abuses of persons with disabilities. Robert Mendoza, Forensic Psychologist, discusses the suspect in a triple murder who is described as having "a history of mental illness." This is the irrational and pervasive phrase used as an excuse for crime. Bigoted human services professionals, and journalists join defense lawyers and prosecutors suggesting with no factual basis that mental illness causes crime. In fact it is the toxic psychiatric drugs which are a known cause of violent thoughts. Even the drug-company-controlled FDA requires a warning label. This forensic psychologist explains he does not know how the courts work. Huh? He stated correctly the legal requirements for an insanity defense. But he used terms like "severe mental illness," "significant mental illness," "major mental illness," without defining the majestic terms. He used the phrase "degree of pathology" applying it to psychiatry. There is no pathology for mental illnesses. They are created out of consensus not science. Psychiatry is personal opinion masquerading as science. Speech and behavior that psychologists and psychiatrists do not like or do not understand is called mental illness. Having human emotions is called mental illness. At no time during this ten minute interview does either of them mention psychiatric drugs which have a serious role hidden by the drug companies and their PR flacks. Many humans are given psychiatric cocktails combining several drugs. No one, repeat, no one knows the effects of the combination of these drugs on humans. Yet journalists and those superior beings who predict the future, whose genes have been cleansed of mendacity, greed and sadism have no skeptics. Journalists accept whatever they say. Judges accept whatever they say. Who needs courts? Why not let these omniscient ones decide who gets what done to them. How many more years of psychobabble will the taxpayer fund on this nonsensical PBS station? How long will the boondoggle of psychiatry be allowed to steal taxpayer funds and take freedom from humans for exercise of speech and behavior that is protected by the US Constitution?

This week, a Weymouth teenager with a history of mental health issues was charged with brutally murdering members of his own family. Could the tragedy have been prevented? Forensic psychologist Robert Mendoza joins Emily.

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