Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best PBS Feature On JFK Assassination After 5 Years

I did not watch all of the JFK Assassination news features in November 2013, the 50th anniversary. But of the few I did see, this one is the best. Originally broadcast in 1993, it was updated in 2003, and 2013. It mentions that Carlos Marcello, the boss of the crime family that ran Louisiana and Texas was deported by Robert Kennedy. It also documented that Oswald was making phone calls in the days leading up to the assassination from a pay phone (remember them?) across from his rooming house. His Russian wife lived a few towns away. This documentary does not reveal who Oswald was calling or speaking to on those calls. John  H. Davis' Mafia Kingfish explains many more details of the relationships of the people around Oswald with connections to Marcello.

Who Was Lee harvey Oswald?
November 19, 2013
PBS Frontline

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