Saturday, November 30, 2013

PBS Reveals Questionable Official Treatment of Death of Wife of FL Police Officer

This report shows how police close ranks and ignore evidence of crime, to protect one of their own. This pattern repeats even in cases of homicide as herein. The only thing that keeps some of these cases from being covered up forever is when there are determined relatives. One example of how pervasive this pattern is, is revealed in Massachusetts where the FBI allowed a gang of four, two known FBI informants,  to conduct a homicidal campaign over 30 years killing up to 60 civilians. After these abuses were exposed by a US Judge, the Department of Justice sent an investigator who found only one FBI agent responsible. No local police and no state police were found liable. To suggest that after the leader of the gang, James Bulger became a fugitive in 1995, the many drug rings and gambling rings and corrupt cops who protected them evaporated, is ludicrous. Yet that is what is implied by the failure to investigate police and the FBI. So this Frontline investigation with The New York Times is an example of the institutionalized problems with police and with government in general. The failure of journalists and taxpayers to condemn these abuses suggests that taxpayers and journalists approve the relaxed rectitude of government.

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In Partnership With The New York Times
A Death In St. Augustine
What happens when police face the possibility of domestic violence within their ranks. 53.39 minutes

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