Friday, November 15, 2013

Misguided Boston Police Priorities, Again

Indicating misguided priorities, the police in Boston, MA did not think it was a proper use of resources to watch this gentleman, who took time from his busy schedule to attack three women, brutally murdering one. He was known to police but no one was watching him. No police, no FBI informants, no Harvard University campus police, no Communists, and no crime families. But in next door Cambridge, all of the above taxpayer funded public safety groups take turns, conducting 24/7 surveillance, harassment, ridicule, character assassination, sleep disturbances, computer sabotage, provocations, insults and threats of a 70-year-old white male. Is this a misguided use of taxpayer resources? This is a 43-year government enterprise begun in Cambridge and continued in mostly three states. Young people with no knowledge of the history are informed with propaganda that the victim of government abuse is "crazy." This element of slander is sufficient to cover up the many years of criminal abuses. This gentleman charged with attacks on three women is alleged to have a history of "mental health issues." Police and prosecutors use that allegation especially at arraignments in order to "explain" why a suspect committed a crime. Journalists obediently repeat what police and prosecutors say in court, even if it may be a violation of state and U.S. privacy laws. One more pervasive misuse of psychiatry. 

Psychiatry is used to censor victims of government criminal abuses and to discredit suspects to make prosecutions easier with public support, part of a prosecution media campaign. There is no rational connection between psychiatry and crime. But it is good for business, to increase the client base, increasing taxpayer expenditures for the human services industrial complex (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term). It also serves to scare ordinary civilians from everyone who has ever had contact with a psychiatrist. It voids Second Amendment rights. Yet universities and public officials promote increasing taxpayer funded psychiatric treatment. 

[From article]
In the aftermath of the revelation that Boston police had failed to do their due diligence while investigating the 2012 attack, a detective was demoted and three other law enforcement officials were reprimanded.
Alemany has been suffering from mental health issues since he was a teenager and has had multiple run-ins with the law, mostly for minor crimes like trespassing and theft.

Man indicted in kidnapping and grisly murder of Boston woman, 24, and three other attacks dating back to 2012
Body of Amy Lord was found in July by man riding bicycle in Hyde Park
She was kidnapped, beaten and forced to withdraw money from five ATMs
She was one of three young women attacked in same area in less than 24 hours
Edwin J. Alemany, 29, will be formally charged in the attacks next month
He is suspected of carrying out another attack on a young woman in September 2012 that was not investigated
Boston police detective was demoted and two officers were reprimanded for failing to question Alemany
His defense attorney said he hears whispers in his head
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:48 EST, 15 November 2013 | UPDATED: 16:23 EST, 15 November 2013

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